Thursday, March 25, 2010

Matchmaking 101: Who'd have known?

Things I'm learning about myself while searching for boys on

1. I'm incredibly shallow. Hear me out: I don't consider myself any more shallow than the next person when it comes to real life. Personality plays a big part in my attraction to someone if they're right in front of me. But online, when all there is to catch my attention is a stagnant vanity shot in thumbnail size, I get pretty judgmental. While judging the books by their covers, I've learned that apparently:
  • only about 1 in 100 guys truly interest me
  • shaved heads kind of creep me out
  • blue eyes hypnotize me
  • a nice smile is important
  • too many muscles turn me off
  • [boys with bed head are sexy]
  • [boys in cool hats are sexy]
  • [boys who wear glasses are sexy]

2. Boys who like to pose with their guitar like me.  Note: I did not say boys who PLAY guitar like me.  For all I know, the guys bombarding me with winks as they pretentiously pose with their acoustics can't play a lick.  But if they love the way they look with a guitar in their hands, they're usually into me.  Take from that what you will.

3.  There is no clear definition as to what "about average" body type means.  Statistically, I imagine that the average American body type is slightly rotund, so perhaps the cushier men of are dead on in using that description.  However, in my mind, "about average" means a bit leaner, but lacking in muscle and tone.  Apparently, this description works on a sliding scale and it always catches me off guard.

...more to come later.
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